Critics and Tweets on “A Football Life”

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EDITOR’S NOTE – Update: The premiere of “Bill Belichick: A Football Life” was the most watched documentary in NFL Network history.  In Boston, the premiere was the 2nd most watched program in its time slot.  Here are more numbers from this record-breaking premiere.  

Last night was the premiere of “Bill Belichick: A Football Life” – Part 1, on the NFL Network.  Because there’s nothing like multitasking during one of our big show premieres, I kept one eye on the Twitter feedback we were receiving during the 9pm-10pm block, and the other on the television.

Below are some of our favorite Tweets received during the show.  Is yours below?

(Also, if you don’t live in Boston, you probably missed that NFL Network had dressed up many of the city’s statues in “Belichick Hoodies” the day before the show aired.  I’ve included some of the photos we found on Twitter)


@silkmansungod – “Just watching it now, opening 2 mins and my spine has tingled numerous times.. love it.”

@BrandonBrownWV – “Just about everything NFL Films does gives me goosebumps.  Watching the intro to A Football Life was no exception. Wow.” — Fun fact: We filmed the show open in the tunnels of Beaver Stadium at Penn State.

@seangrandepbp – “Watching Belichick dish on Parcells is delivering the kind of rush women must get reading Us Weekly. Has to be. NFL Films nails it again.”

@DamienWoody – “Great job by NFL Films giving ppl an inside glimpse into Belichick & how he operates”


@jimbernhard – “Thought the Belichick show was great.  As a Giants’ fan, loved his look back on the days as a Giants’ assistant.”

@iamchriswoody – “I wish I could watch#AFootballLife every night.  Once again first class & captured what every football fan wants to see. Hail!”

@Chiefscoalition – “I think I got a good question.  What’s the chances of Belichick son being a coach? And a good coach also?”

@shudocta – “Belichick doc by NFL Films is by far one of the best insights into a football genius. Can’t wait for part two #belichickisgod”

@kovvez – “Awesome 2 see a totally different side of the Hoodie.”

@dougbingham – “I’m a Colts fan, Indy resident, genuine Pats hater, but this is riveting. Outstanding documentary. Well done.”

@dfalcon3522 – “No matter your feelings about Bill #Belichick u gotta love this documentary! Great work… Well done.”

@WylieStyles – “Interesting and insightful watching #BillBelichick on NFL Films.  NFL Network really shows the hard work it takes to win.”


@zieglerdesign – “#AFootballLife is a great show, I hate the #Patriots but, I have to admit, NFL Films put together another great program.”


@NFLKB – “Brady & Belichick Football Life great behind the scenes video – another side of Belichick you don’t normally see.”

@flamez_is_hot2 – “lol that wuz hilarious I didn’t kno belichick got down like that.”

@ary91 – “Wow, that segment @ the hallway was amazing!! Awesome so far, congrats from Chihuahua Mexico!!”

@patycake15 – “Rudy, Rudy!”

@FF_DaftManiacs – “I’m dead or dreaming… but either way I’m enjoying #belichick”

@PatsPropaganda – “It’s beginning to feel a lot like Belichristmas…”

Here’s more of what the critics are saying about “Bill Belichick: A Football Life”

“It portrays Belichick as a fiery, funny, profane, passionate person who, in one scene shot while he was fishing off Nantucket, shows off his naked feet. Even Vince Lombardi did not offer his toes for public inspection.”
-Richard Sandomir, The New York Times

“The documentary was built up for weeks upon weeks, yet somehow, it was as good — if not better — than advertised. That’s not often the case with such media hype, but there’s just no denying how great the documentary was.”
-Michael Hurley, New England Sports Network

“If there’s anything that can help ease the sting of another (Boston Red Sox) loss to the Rays, it’s reliving one of the finest hours of TV since Arsenio went off the air.”
-Rich Levine, Comcast SportsNet

While watching the first part of the NFL Network’s fascinating documentary of Bill Belichick…you see him in informal settings, Belichick actually has a personality.”
Josh Katzowitz,

“It is tremendous. The behind-the-scenes football stuff — coaches’ meetings, game planning with Tom Brady, dealing with a game in a blizzard — is as good as you’ll ever see on one of these inside-look shows.”
-Jimmy Traina,

If you missed the premiere of “Bill Belichick: A Football Life” – Part 1, it will re-air on the NFL Network throughout the week:
Fri, Sept 16 – 4:00 p.m. ET
Sat, Sept 17 – 9:00 p.m. ET
Wed, Sept 21 – 4:00 p.m. ET
Thurs, Sept 22 – 9:00 p.m. ET

“Bill Belichick: A Football Life” – Part 2 premieres Thursday, September 22nd @ 10:00 p.m. ET

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