Today at 1NFL: It’s Showtime

Green Bay Packers, Inside the NFL, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, New York Jets, Oakland Raiders, Paul Camarata

Phil, JB, Cris and Warren were here at 1NFL today taping tonight’s edition of “Inside the NFL.”  In the video above, get a taste of what’s coming with a web extra debate of the Pats’ defense and Week 1’s many happy returns.  Was it the new kickoff rule or just “fresh football” producing all those special plays on special teams?

Also tonight on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL”, the highlights return. . .and return, and return, with “Lightning Bug” Darren Sproles and Randall “Tex” Cobb starring in the Packers America’s Game producer’s cut of the New Orleans/Green Bay Thursday night thriller.  Go inside the locker rooms of both victorious Harbaugh brothers and Jetipus Rex, as he annexes the Big Apple for Gang Green.  Take a mic’d up trip with us to Revis Island, and if you missed the adventures of Tom Terrific and Sea Bass Monday night, we’ll have their record breaking performances, too.

The Week 1 Edition of “Inside the NFL” premieres on Showtime, tonight at 9pm ET/PT

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