Ten of Our Favorite Tweets: TGIF Edition

Best of Twitter, John Marsh

TGIF, as in: Thank God It’s Football.  As the new season kicked off this week, these were some of the favorite Tweets we were reading. . . 

Mike_FTW (Mike Monteiro)

So, I was looking for video of John Madden dissecting a turduken, which the NFL makes impossible to find. A little help, @NFLFilms?

JM: I’m not sure. But I’ve always wondered how a six-legged bird tastes.

@HoustonTexans (Houston Texans):

What’s your favorite part of this @NFLFilms Colts-Texans preview? bit.ly/pa1I2e

@Joker24Johnson (john johnson):

@HoustonTexans @NFLFilms hearing that peyton isnt going to be playing

JM: Does this open the door for the Texans to finally take the AFC South?

crookedclone (Darren Gordon-Hill)

Some people leave it all on the field, while some wish to save some to take home. Which are you? #nflfilms

JM: “Do or do not. There is no try.”  – Yoda

HelpReaders (Brian Wilhorn)

@camphalfblood We’d pick John Facenda, the voice of @NFLFilms, for the voice of our GPS.

JM: I wish I could get John Facenda to narrate my life.  Would make it a lot more fun to go to the gym.   

damienwoody (Damien Woody)

Gotta say I’m looking forward to the Bill Belichick special by @NFLFilms, real insight into a #HOFer

NFLMase (Dan Masonson)

@NFLFilms’ Steve Sabol called it greatest run in history RT @NFLhistory 13 yrs ago 2day, @49ers RB G. Hearst had 96-yard TD run in OT



Props to the authors of the “NFL Films” titles we were loving in our earlier post,     “There’s Something About Hail Mary.”

linc0lnpark (LiNCOLN PARK): #NFLfilms You’ve Got Ismail

Ron0202 (Ron Rowland): Larry Csonka and the Chocolate Factory #NFLfilms

twindy5 (Cindy Aitch): The First and Ten Commandments #NFLfilms

As Kasey Kasem used to say, keep those cards and letters coming, electronic-style @NFLFilms and facebook.com/NFLFilms

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