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Believe it or not, they let us read the internet at work (gasp).  It’s encouraged that we stay up-to-date on the latest news and information in the world of football, sports, movies, television, etc.   Below is a sample of some of the links that members of the TCIPF staff read this week.  Not all of them relate to football.  But then again, not everything we make at NFL Films has to do with football.

A Brother’s Take for Omon, Nwagbuo
Film: Not Dead Yet

What Fantasy Football Can Teach You About Investing

“Let’s Go Bills” rap
“Rescue Me” post-mortem: A Look Back At A Show Unafraid To Confront The Personal Cost of 9/11
I used to live in Santa Monica and saw Reese Witherspoon running one time. I feel like if I was there, I could have done something.

Prose Football

The NFL’s Best-Looking Team: In a Turbulent Season That Defies Prediction, We Decide To Rank Each Team by ‘Facial Symmetry.”

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