There’s Something About Hail Mary

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Everyone loves a good football movie, especially us at NFL Films. So, we were pretty entertained to see this stream on Twitter yesterday. Fans have taken regular movie titles and incorporated anything ‘football’ (coaches, players, terms, etc) into the titles to turn the movie into an “NFL film.”

Below are some of our favorites. I think we now have enough names for our highlight films to take us through a few seasons.

If you have any to add to the list, drop them in the comments!

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There’s Something about Hail Mary
Dallas Cowboys and Aliens
Seahawk Down
The Whole Ninety-Nine Yards
Larry Csonka and the Chocolate Factory
The First and Ten Commandments
My Cousin Vince Lombardi
New England Patriots Games
Remember the Tennessee Titans
Monte Kiffen and The Holy Grail
The Green Bay Mile
Pittsburgh Steelers Magnolias
Raiders of the Los Angeles
The Punt for Red October
How the West Coast Was Won
Monster’s Football
50 First Downs
Deion Flux
A Schott In The Dark
Strahan That Rocks the Cradle
Ace Ventura: Jets Detective
You’ve Got Ismail
Ninja Esiason
My Cousin Vinatieri
There’s Something About Marino
Madden Max
Pack to the Future
The Hills Have Theismann
The Bradshawshank Redemption
The Silence of the Lambeau
No Man’s Landry
The Secret Life of Brees
Unitas At The Museum
Singletary White Female
Roddy White Christmas
White Belichicks
The Hurt Urlacher
Get Him to Del Greco
McNair Bud
Bart Star Wars
Steve Young Gun
Tiki Barbershop
The Hillis Have Eyes
A Phillip Rivers Runs Through It
House of Sanchez and Fog
Rice Age
Addai at the Races
The Viking’s Speech
Staubach To The Future
Meet the Packers

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