Sneak Peek: “Hey Rookie, Welcome to the NFL”

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This was a summer unlike any other that NFL rookies have seen.  Because of the lockout, they arrived to their team’s facilities later than usual, general training camps were trimmed, and rookie camps were eliminated altogether.  But these unusual circumstances created unique storylines, compelling our show “Hey Rookie” to follow players further off the field as they dealt with situations that no previous rookie class has ever encountered.

As a part of a four producer team that began work in April, I was fortunate to spend a lot of time at the draft and on location with Cardinals running back Ryan Williams and Bills Defensive Tackle Marcell Dareus. I’ve interviewed and directed shoots with dozens of NFL players, and I can’t recall two personalities that I enjoyed following more than these guys. As you can see in the video above, Dareus’ sense of humor was infectious, and my admiration for Williams made the end to his story tough to watch.

In addition to Williams and Dareus, this year’s show also features:

Andy Dalton: Bengals Quarterback

Patrick Peterson: Cardinals Cornerback

Prince Amukamara: Giants cornerback

Muhammad Wilkerson: Jets Defensive Tackle

      “Hey Rookie, Welcome to the NFL” premieres tonight at 8pm/ET on ESPN2

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