Films Facts: Brett Favre’s Championship

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EDITOR’S NOTE:  This week, in preparation for the premiere of the newest Packers’ America’s Game film,  we’re revisiting the other Green Bay chapters of the series:  1966, 1967, and today, 1996 – with the help of the producers of those films.    

  • Featured Film:  “America’s Game  – The Story of the 1996 Green Bay Packers” as told by
    • Quarterback Brett Favre
    • Head Coach Mike Holmgren
    • Kick Returner and Super Bowl MVP Desmond Howard

  • Narrated by former Omega frat boy Chip Diller – he of “Thank you sir! May I have another” fame – a.k.a, Kevin Bacon
  • Produced in 2006 by NFL Films’ Digger O’Brien.  Two of his favorite moments in the film reveal the kind of humor and humanity that makeup a championship season:

The Encounter in Aisle 9:

When the Music’s Over:

The newest installment of America’s Game: Green Bay Packers, the story of the 2010 Packers, premieres Wednesday, September 7th at 9 p.m. ET exclusively on NFLNetwork.

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