Chat with the Filmmaker: The 2010 Packers America’s Game

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EDITOR’S NOTE:  We had a great Twitter chat this morning with filmmaker Dave Douglas, who produced “America’s Game: The 2010 Green Bay Packers.” The film premieres tomorrow night September 7th, at 9 p.m. only on NFL Network. If you missed the chat, here’s what Dave had to say:

#DD: Thanks for having me. I’ll just start by saying making this film was an education on the nooks and crannies of a champion. I guarantee even the most loyal Packers fan will learn 20 new things from watching it.

@AwkSamantha: Did you start the season knowing (the Packers would reach the Super Bowl)? Because I knew it. I knew it.

#DD: Didn’t know in Week 1, but when they made the playoffs I knew an injured-riddled 6th seed would be a great underdog story.

#DD: Like all AG shows, the 2010 Packers has three voices from the champs: Head Coach Mike McCarthy, Charles Woodson, and Aaron Rodgers.

Even beyond his football skills, Rodgers’ great character shined through during the interview. He was three minutes late to the shoot and he apologized to the entire crew. For three minutes! You just want to hug him.

Greg Jennings and Clay Matthews were considered for the featured interviews, but since each AG episode employs different players, when the Packers win again there’ll be opportunities to involve new voices!

@KingElmo_TMG: What was your favorite part in filming this edition of AG?

#DD: I was excited to see how Rodgers, McCarthy, and Woodson would respond to more delicate issues. If they’d be open or reluctant to speak.

@RobPierce21: What’s going to be new on the show?

#DD:  One new element for us is this film is the narration of John Slattery, aka “Roger Stirling” from ‘Mad Men.’  Also watch for a bold motivational tactic used by McCarthy, 27 Tampa, The “Sharpie” incident, Aaron Rodgers buying a dozen Stetson hats, and a “Fabio Moment” from Mr. Matthews.

(One thing I learned that surprised me was) the hostile reaction Packer fans had toward Rodgers when he finally replaced Brett.

@bar76: Will you guys be doing more America’s Game: Missing Rings shows? Maybe the ’07 Pats?

#DD: Not sure the immediate plans. I’m an Eagles fan so I’d love to do a Missing Rings show on the year the Eagles lost to the Buccaneers in the NFC Championship game…the last game played at Veteran’s Stadium…bummer for me.

Dave’s new film includes many memorable quotes from featured Packers Mike McCarthy, Charles Woodson, and @AaronRodgers12. Here are a few:

Rodgers on falling in the draft: “It was honestly the best thing that happened to me. I was 21 years old and I thought I was the best thing since sliced bread and I needed a little humble pie.”

Rodgers on Clay Matthews: “I like to tease him about being ‘Hollywood.’ He tries to do the same thing to me. The difference between him and I is that I’m from Northern California and I act like it, and he’s from Southern California and he acts like it.”

Woodson on his reputation: “The Oakland Raiders thought I was done. They thought I couldn’t play the game anymore. They said, ‘He’s lost a step, can’t coach him, sleeps in meetings, bad locker room guy.’ Could I still play football? No question about it.”

McCarthy on ’09 playoff loss: “I saw the ball in the air…I felt like somebody shot me in the back. I am such an anti-dramatic person, for me to fall on my knees…I think I got up so damn fast because I was embarrassed that I did something like that.”

The 2010 Packers story was Dave Douglas’ third “America’s Game” film.  He also produced those on the 2000 Ravens and the 1985 Bears.  Dave possesses true reverence for one, Foghorn Leghorn.  Our thanks to him for chatting this morning on Twitter. Keep tagging your tweets with #agPACK10 and enjoy the premiere!  

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