Films Facts: The First Back-to-Back Super Bowl Pack

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This week, in preparation for the premiere of “America’s Game: The 2010 Green Bay Packers,” we’re revisiting the Pack’s America’s Game chapters of 1996, 1966, and here, 1967 – with the help from the producers of those films.

• Featured Film: America’s Game – The Story of the 1967 Green Bay Packers as told by
o Guard Jerry Kramer
o Linebacker Dave Robinson
o Fullback Chuck Mercein

• Narrated by (Go Tigers!) heat-packing Hawaii tough guy Thomas Magnum, aka Tom Selleck.

• Produced in 2006 by NFL Films’ Steve Seidman, whose favorite segment in the film is on the 1967 NFL Championship Game, “The Ice Bowl.” (see video below)

Bart Starr under center in the 1967 "Ice Bowl."

“While NFL Films would call the Dallas Cowboys of the 1970’s, ‘AMERICA’S TEAM,’ the Packers of the mid-60’s were ‘NFL FILMS’ TEAM’” Seidman said. “The 1967 Packers’ pursuit of a history-making third consecutive championship was a struggle. Paul Hornung and Jim Taylor were no longer with the team, and injuries plagued the Pack from the outset. Week after week, NFL Films had an insider’s view of the drama and history that were unfolding in Green Bay. Although the Packers would eventually win Super Bowl II, the compelling climax of the season was the 1967 NFL Championship – ‘The Ice Bowl.’ This game provided NFL Films with many of the elements that would become associated with the company’s unique style of storytelling: men against nature, a coach’s final hurrah, a last gasp drive with the clock winding down, a bold play call, and an heroic performance by an unheralded player who had more ‘heart’ than talent.”

1967 marked the last run for a legendary team – and it was also the year that a young film-making company hit its creative stride as pro football mythmakers.

“America’s Game: The 2010 Green Bay Packers” premieres Wednesday, September 7th at 9 pm/ET only on NFLNetwork.

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