The Day Doctor Lou Hit the Couch

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As it prepares for a second season opener under head coach Brian Kelly, Notre Dame sits in the middle teens of the pre-season polls.  I can assure you this hardly excites the title starved Irish fan-base, which well knows that August accolades will do little to deliver that thing we’ve so coveted for nearly 25 years: the sweet satisfaction of a national championship.

The Irish last won it all in 1988, under Lou Holtz.  That season marked the only championship of Holtz’s storied coaching career, which included remarkable success in all seven of his head coaching jobs.  Except for one.

Lou Holtz

In 1976, Holtz was hired to coach the New York Jets.  The only NFL job he ever held was one Holtz will never forget, nor frequently recalls.  Still, last season the man now known as Dr. Lou sat down with NFL Films President Steve Sabol and talked openly about the good, the bad and the ugly of Holtz’s truly hard knocks season in the pros.  Here’s their conversation, produced by Neil Zender for NFL Films Presents 2010/Episode 20 – “The Doctors Are In.”

UPDATE 9/4/11 — Analyze this: Yesterday a new chapter was added to the Holtz-Irish story when Lou’s son Skip, an ND alum and presently the head coach of the University of South Florida Bulls, led his team to a 23-20 victory in South Bend.   

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